Tips & Tricks to Reduce Your Phone Bill Overseas

Know the cost of using your phone overseas

Using your phone overseas can end up costing more than it does at home. Making phone calls abroad results in expensive “roaming” charges, and you have to pay when you answer. In most countries, receiving SMS are free, and are cheaper to send than making a phone call.

Before you travel overseas, you should head over to your phone provider’s website, and see if they offer any oversea packages. Make sure you check that the country you're traveling to is covered by this package.

Turn off Data Roaming

Data roaming is where you connect to the internet on your phone when you are overseas, like the 4G network. Data roaming is expensive, and you may be using it without knowing, as many apps update automatically. The best method to avoid the data roaming charges is to switch it off. You can do so in your phone’s settings.

Download Before You Go

Are you intending to use apps, watch films, listen to music and read eBooks while you're overseas? Then you should download them on your home internet connection before traveling.

An app that you should consider downloading is “WhatsApp”, available for both iPhone and Android. This app lets you send texts, videos & photos for free to other WhatsApp users and can make international calls.

Use Free Wi-Fi

Many places, such as hotels, café’s and bars tend to offer free Wi-Fi. As it’s free, make the most of it, and use it to get travel guides, check out social media (such as Facebook), and read your emails, all without using your phone’s internet data.

At the same time, you should avoid making purchases or checking your bank details when you are on a public network.