Tips to speed up Internet Browsing for Smartphones & Tablets.

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Has browsing the internet become a slow and tedious experience on your smartphone or tablet? If so here are some tips that can help improve.

iOS Safari

Close Tabs

In Safari, it is quite easy to have many open tabs. Every time you tap on a new link it leads to a new tab, and one often forgets to close it afterwards. Fortunately, you can close multiple tabs by holding the Tab button on the bottom right corner and select Close All Tabs.


Turn off Background downloads

At times, your browsing speed might be slowed down by downloading updates and refreshing Apps in the background.

To turn off Automatic Downloads go to Settings, iTunes & App Store and choose the updates to turn off.

For background App Refresh, head to Settings, General, Background App Refresh and choose off or determine which apps don’t need to be refreshed.


Clear History, Data & Cookies

Head to Settings, Safari, and select Clear History and Website Data. Fortunately, your Bookmarks will remain, and Safari will remember your autofill forms and passwords. 


Google Chrome for Android

Data Saver

Data Saver reduces the amount of data that Chrome uses, as it is handled by Google’s server before being sent to your device.

To turn on Data Saver, one the Chrome app, tap on the 3-dot icon to reach Settings. Then tap Advanced, Data Saver and turn the setting on.

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Clear Cache

Cache loads browsing data and save it in local storage. When you load the page, it is faster for the browser to bring it up from stored data, instead of downloading it again.

The problem comes when you have too much cache stored, as that can slow down your internet browsing on Chrome. Just be aware that after clearing the cache, it will take longer to load at first, but will be back up to speed very shortly.

To clear the cache, go to Settings, Apps, Chrome, Storage and select Clear Cache.



Update Your Device and Apps.

Both Safari and Chrome receive regular updates to improve your web browsing experience. Always make sure that your App for the best experience. At the same time, make sure that your smartphone or tablet is running the latest operating system (iOS, Android 7).