Laptop Processors, Battery Life and USB-C

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, one of the first things that you will notice is power and battery life, as well as the USB – C.

It can get a little bit confusing if you’re not familiar with these details, such as knowing how much power you can get out of the processor. To help you out, we’ve explained what processors are, as well as battery life and USB – C.


The processor (CPU) determines the performance of your laptop. Currently, Intel and AMD processors are the biggest contenders.

For those after a laptop with excellent power, consider Core i7. If this option is out of your price range, consider the Core i5, which will be able to run all your essential tasks. Be aware that having a higher number doesn’t mean that it will be faster.

Battery Life

Certainly, one of the most vital aspects about laptops, being battery life. It determines how long we be away from the charger, as well as what you can do whilst on the go, such as watching movies.

Your battery life is primarily determined by the processing power. For example, if you're using an i7, your battery will go incredibly quick. Another element that affects battery life is the screen, which includes brightness and display quality.

To help you determine the right battery for you, look at the manufacturer’s details. Usually, the bigger the number, the longer it will last.

USB Type C

You may have heard of USB-C, as it is becoming a new standard in the latest laptops. Though they appear small, they are quite amazing.

Not only can this port be used to transfer data, it can be used as an external display, a headphone jack, as well as being able to charge your device, along with any other devices, such as your smartphone.

The USB-C removes all extra cables, as you can use the same one for just about everything. Make sure that you don’t buy cheap USB-C cables, as they tend to destroy devices.