4 Things you should know about the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has recently shown their latest smartphone, the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 happens to be incredibly important to Samsung, after the Note 7’s unfortunate explosions, which has naturally created a bad image for Samsung. Samsung’s latest Galaxy S8 goes on sale 28th of April. Before you go out and buy the Galaxy S8, we’ve highlighted a couple features you should know from the reveal event.

1. Samsung has practically removed the bezel and it looks incredible

For those not familiar with bezel, it means the outside frame of a computer, monitor or similar computing device, such as a smartphone.

Like most new smartphones, the Galaxy S8 comes in two sizes, being the S8 (5.8 inches) and the S8+ (6.2 inches).

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8+ have an aspect ratio of 18.5:9. This is a bit wider than traditional 16:9. The extra width comes from the bezel, which has practically disappeared. You can still see it in the tiny black bar at the top and bottom of the phone. You won’t be able to see the front facing camera, as it is hidden in the top yet small bezel.

This gives us a smartphone that looks brilliant when viewed from the front.

2. The Home button is gone

On the Galaxy S8, you’ll see that this is no longer a Home button. It is now software-based, like the Google Pixel. This is the same for the Back and Menu buttons.

3. Where is the fingerprint scanner?

With the bezel hidden and the home button removed, there’s no room for a fingerprint scanner on the front of the Galaxy S8. To keep fingerprint scanning intact, Samsung has moved the button to the back of the phone. Unfortunately, it’s been placed right next to the 12-megapixel camera, which will lead to you accidently touching the camera when performing a fingerprint scan.

4. Bixby

Samsung is entering the AI competition with its new assistant, Bixby. This is Samsung’s answer to Apple’s Sire and Google’s Assistant. Like other AIs, Bixby can be activated by voice or touching the “Bixby Activation Button”.

While we wait to see all of Bixby’s functions, we do know that Bixby can translate 52 languages. This is quite impressive, as Siri can only do 30. Another known feature is that Bixby can search for things via photo, a task that Siri and Google Assist struggle with.