MacOS High Sierra new features

Apple has announced the latest operating system for the Mac range, being the MacOS High Sierra. The new OS comes with a lot of new and updated features. To give you an idea of what to expect, here are some of the key features to keep an eye on.

1. iOS style photos

Apple has improved their photo options, adding all the features that will be found in iOS11, such as GIF, and new editing options.

2. Always on Reader Mode Safari

In Safari, the Reader option removes advertisements and leaves only the text and key images on the page, which you can turn on via the icon in the address bar. With MacOS High Sierra, you can set this to be on permanently for specific sites, under Safari preferences.

3. Track flights in Spotlight

Whilst this feature has been in macOS, it wasn’t properly implemented. With the High Sierra, functionality comes straight to the Spotlight search window, all you have to do is type in a valid flight number, and you can get all details about it, such as where it is in the world, planned routes, and estimated time for departure and arrivals.

4. Add Tables to Notes

With High Sierra, you can now create a table inside the Notes app, which can be done by choosing Format, then Table.

5. Share files from iCloud

Like Dropbox, MacOS High Sierra will now allow you to share files you have stored in the iCloud with other users, provided that they have an iCloud account.