iOS11 key features

Apple has recently announced their latest operating system for iPhone and iPad, being iOS11. This update is fantastic for the iPad, as they practically become a true laptop, through the redesigned iOS multitasking, along with an update with the central control menu. So that you know what to expect with this iOS update, here are some of the key features being added to the Apple devices.

1. Transforming the iPad into a laptop replacement

iOS 11 includes a dock like the MacBook, and it follows you from app to app, along with the bottom. Though it is hidden, it can be accessed by swiping up. This feature also shows when multitasking, making switching between apps much easier.

2. iPad Drag & Drop

This feature will instantly launch any app into split screen mode when you drag it to one side of the screen. This feature can also be used for texts, photos, hyperlinks, and files.

3. Apple Pencil updates

Before iOS11, the Pencil couldn’t be used in a lot of apps. With iOS11, you can draw on PDFs, photos, and notes, right from the lock screen.

4. Files

A new app, Files will let you sort through all your files. You can browse, organize and search all within the one convenient location. Files will connect to your other Apple & cloud devices, such as iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

5. Siri updates

With iOS11, Siri has been given a natural voice, along with male and female voice options. Sir has also had an improvement in language translations.

6. Control center menu updated

iOS11 updates the control center menu with a new design that provides a wide range of controls without having to swipe between menus. This comes from everything being combined, such as the system controls, app shortcuts, and music options. You can do this by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

7. Lock Screen & Notifications combined

In iOS11, the lock screen and notifications are combining into one, making it easier to see which older alerts you might have missed.