How to charge your Smartphone

iphone charge.png

Mobile phones have transformed into an essential product that we always have with us, but tend to not have enough power to last a full day. This can result in us having to always look for a place to charge our phones. Charging at home can also become difficult if you live with other people, and have multiple devices.

There are however plenty of potential strategies one can use to keep your phone charged. Do note that not every strategy will work for everyone, as people use their devices differently due to their needs, along with how much power you use on a daily rate. Here are some tips that should help.

Where am I charging my device?

The great aspect of smartphones is that they can be charged anywhere if you have the correct cable. For example, you might want to place a cable at your workspace, and have another cable for you to use at home. You might also want to place a charging cable in places you regularly go to, such as your car, another room in your house, anywhere you can think of.

What should I buy to keep my Smartphone charged?

The downside of trying to always keep your smartphone charged is that it can get expensive. This comes from needing more cables, USB adapters, and external batteries. If the price is a concern, then you should have a look at eBay and AMAZON, as one can often find the third party charging cables for a fraction of the price compared to what Apple, Google and Samsung offer. At a minimum, you need at least one cable for your smartphone.

How long should I charge my Smartphone?

You might have heard that if I leave my phone plugged in after it has finished charging that the battery will depreciate at an incredibly fast rate. This, however, is not true, as smartphones are quite efficient in handling battery management. Once charged, the battery remains at 100%. Ideally, we should be aiming to keep our phones charged between 30 – 80% power, but that is not realistic for the average person. One should try to keep their phone charged for as long as possible, even if there is a very slow battery depreciation.

Low Battery right now?

Sometimes we can’t get to a charging cable. Fortunately, most smartphones have a low power/battery save modes. On iPhone, you can find “low power mode” in your battery settings. This will limit background apps and automatic downloads, along with limiting visual effects and turning “auto-lock” into 30 seconds. Both Samsung and Google offer a similar power saving mode for their smartphones. Make the most of this when you're low on power or need to conserve battery life.

If you need a quick charge, consider putting your phone into “Airplane Mode”, as it will charge your phone at a slightly faster rate. The only downside of this is that you won’t be able to use the internet, make calls or text while on “Airplane Mode”.

Dead Battery

The sad truth is that all batteries do eventually die. Over time they get worse at maintaining a charge, and you don’t really have a choice as to who provides the battery. These days most smartphone batteries are not removable. Worst case scenario is that you buy a new battery and get it installed, or purchase a new smartphone.